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What lies behind you or what lies ahead of you, is nothing compared to what's within you

Image by Ashley Batz

1:1 Coaching

Habits, Well-being & Lifestyle

Each private coaching session is customized  to help every client see continued progress by taking microsteps that work for them. You will create a realistic action plan based on what you want. Explore new and old foods and learn how to prepare them in healthier ways. Set goals based on what you want. Find ways to be healthy without being stressed. Learn how to make your health a priority. Discover scientifically proven ways to relax and destress. Learn how to incorporate all facets of health-mind, body and spirit.  You will start making healthy choices automatically around your habits and lifestyle.  It will give you more time and energy to put towards everything else you want to do. 


from Past Workshops

The workshop incorporated different breathing and mindfulness techniques. It provided explanations from both scientific and spiritual perspective

Workshop was very thought provoking and helpful. It was very informative and provided ways to incorporate mindfulness in everyday life.

I learned so much about my character strengths and learned how to use them in my everyday life. Highly recommend it to my friends and family

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