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Mind, body and soul in balance

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

When you take a yoga class and hear the instructor talk about various themes in the class like gratitude practice, heart opening practice etc. Do you question, how can this instructor be in such a perfect balance of mind, body and soul.

Truth be told my friends, we all have only moments when all three of these are in perfect harmony. Its hard to be in harmony unless you are a monk or a practitioner that mediates for hours at a time

One way that I have found to get moments of mind, body and soul balance is through yoga. It is a practice that connects your body to movement and breath. When you are focused on your breath and movement, automatically your mind becomes calm and you achieve a peaceful state.

Qigong in another practice where you are in one with movement and breath. This brings sense of balance and calmness to your mind

So next time when you feel frazzled and unable to control your mind, pick up a short yoga or Qigong practice even if its just for 5 minutes.

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