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Mindful shopping, mindful living

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Shopping one of my favorite things to talk about. Being a women and mom, sometimes just going to a grocery store or even a store by myself is a treat. Once my son's teacher met me while I was strolling in local grocery stores produce department and commented," this is your zen time :)"

I find shopping to be so emotional at times. Even though we have a long list of things to buy we ofter get trapped in our emotions and buy more than needed. Spend more money than planned for and the list goes one. I have let my emotions take over so many times. However now I have learned the hack to this problem.

Before my emotions take over, whether it is grocery shopping, shoe shopping , clothes shopping etc, I have started asking myself , " Do I really need this ?" If I cant come up with an answer without millions of excuses, I have stopped my self from buying.

This has not only saved money, but it has also prevented my closet, my pantry or my shoe closet from becoming a store.

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